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Frank Hampton Lennox, August 6 1943 - August 10 2017

My father died Thursday evening. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last November; this was apparently actually on the long side for survival for a cancer of this type.

I was down there visiting him just last weekend, for which I'm very grateful. He was fully lucid and happy to see me (though extremely weak).

He was a good man, and a good dad, and I'll miss him very much.

I may have more to say after I've processed more.

(And I'm glad now I tried to sell my Worldcon membership, or I wouldn't have posted to this journal since my grandfather died eight years ago. I need to post more, or indeed at all.)
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Just back from Arizona

My Grandfather died last week, at the age of 89. We're just back from Arizona, where we attended the memorial service.

He'd been very sick for a few weeks now -- his body couldn't really recover from an emergency surgery they had to do last month.

He lived a good and full life, and it was wonderful to see at the service how many people loved him.

My whole life he's lived on the other side of the country, so it's not like this is going to change my day-to-day life, but he's always been ... around. It's going to take some time for me to really process this, I think.

The obituary (written by my aunt) is here...I don't mind breaking the semi-anonymity of this journal for that. I think it's very well done, and shows what a full life he had.

Goodbye, Grandpa. I love you.

A clarification

Yesterday, ladymondegreen had a colonoscopy in the attempt to diagnose, and ideally remedy, her nightshade intolerance.

Additionally, on the way home, we stopped at the drycleaners, where the beanbag chair which we had brought in to be cleaned (a month ago) had finally turned up.

Despite my deliberately provocative phrasing, these two incidents were not, in fact, related.
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I bought a car!

I bought a car. What a strange experience. You give them a whole lot of money, and sign some very scary-looking paperwork, then they let you drive off with a vehicle.

I got a new Honda Civic (LX). It seems like a good car, with good safety features. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.

I also tried to look at the Mazda 3, but both the local Mazda dealerships I tried were very unhelpful and gave me a bad feeling, so I gave up on them.

Thanks to everyone who gave advice on my previous post about this. I really appreciate it.
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Car shopping: hard

I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've had a significant life status change lately. To wit, as of this past November 1st, I'm no longer at the university where I'd been since 1990 as undergrad, grad student, and post-doc.

Instead, I'm now working at a small start-up in New Jersey. It's fun, exciting work, and so far I'm having a good time.

However (the point of this post), the start-up is not in a place which is conveniently reachable by public transportation. I've rented a car from Avis, but the cost of this is adding up quickly. So I need to buy a car.

Buying cars is hard.

My company has (through the company we contract our HR through) a program with Toyota which gives us a no-negotiation-required discount -- $200 over dealer's invoice on new cars, and similar margins over the dealership's purchase price on used cars. So I've been looking at Toyotas.

At first I looked at a used Corolla, but the price they quoted me on it was $16,000 -- apparently they paid too much for it -- and that's essentially the same price as a new Corolla, so today ladymondegreen and I went to test-drive a new Corolla.

And we didn't like it. The ergonomics of the interior are awkward -- there's an oddly-placed handle where I keep bumping my head -- and the suspension is way too stiff, so we feel every little bounce and jolt of the potholed Jersey City streets we were testdriving over.

Larger Toyotas (the Camry, and the like) are bigger than I'd really feel comfortable driving, and also seem too big for the fairly teeny parking space I've rented.

So unfortunately I'm now back at square one, and ladymondegreen suggested I post to my Livejournal.

So, what do people like in compact cars, for about the $16000 range, in either new or trustworthy used? Any recommendations?
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